Saffire Freycinet Luxury Hotel In Tasmania

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“It felt like the moments of surprise
and discovery would never end.”


every moment

Romantic wedding venues Saffire Freycinet

“Even the journey was spectacular.
The closer we got, the more
the anticipation built.”

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“It’s a view that’s impossible to describe
and impossible to escape.
Not that you’d want to!”

Luxury resorts Tasmania Saffire Freycinet

“We opened the door
and every expectation was suddenly exceeded.
The warmth, the elegance – and that view!”

romantic wedding venues Saffire Freycinet

"Before I know it, I'm standing knee deep
in an estuary having fresh oysters
and local sparkling for breakfast."

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“It was like they could read our minds.
They seemed to offer us things
we didn’t even know we needed.”

Luxury resorts Tasmania

“Everything had a local connection – a farm
down the road; the vineyard over
the hill; seafood pulled dripping
from the bay that afternoon.”

luxury resorts Tasmania Saffire Freycinet

every moment

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