The world has discovered Tasmanian whisky!

Handcrafted with skill and passion from our pure mountain water and home-grown premium barley, the whiskies of Tasmania are winning international acclaim.

As a valued past guest of Saffire Freycinet, you have this exclusive opportunity to meet some of the giants of the Tasmanian whisky world and join them in a guided tasting over two days at Saffire.

Bill Lark, 'the godfather of Tasmanian whisky' will be there and you'll also meet a special guest from Ireland, Kate Moran is the Brand Ambassador for the legendary Jameson Irish Whiskey.

Other Tasmanian experts at Whisky Business III include Mark Nicolson from Lark and Overeem Distilleries, Robbie Gilligan from Redlands Distillery and Damien Mackey from Mackey's Distillery.

Accommodation, meals, whiskies and beverages are all included and of course you'll enjoy the many unique attractions of Saffire.

Join us for a winter weekend of warmth, friendship and good cheer. Places are limited and demand will be high - call us now on 03 6256 7888 or book online at stay@saffire-freycinet.com.au.


Luxury Suite $4,500 (two nights, all-inclusive)

Signature Suite $5,100 (two nights, all-inclusive)

Private Pavilion $6,200 (two nights, all-inclusive)

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Friday, 5 August

12 noon - 2pm: Guests are welcome to arrive at their leisure for a casual sit down lunch in the restaurant.

2pm - 7pm: Spend the afternoon settling into your suite. If you prefer, Saffire will have a range of activities taking place including the iconic marine farm tour.

7pm - late: A evening with a stand up cocktail style dinner. While chefs Hugh and Simon have prepared a very special menu just for this dinner, it will be the distillers who star as they share some of their reserve specials with you throughout the evening.


7am - 10am: A la carte breakfast at guests’ leisure.

9am - 11am: A range of Saffire activities and experiences will be launched this morning including Wineglass Bay lookout walk and the Schouten Island cruise. An optional experience of flying to the Lark peat bog will be available for today only and is definitely a once-in-a-lifetime experience! Please note this activity is limited in numbers, and will need to be booked in advance.

12noon - 2pm: Lunch is served on the terrace (weather dependent) with a BBQ, Saffire style.

2pm - 4pm: Whisky tasting flight. A very special chance to join an interactive session hosted by Bill Lark – ‘the godfather of Tasmanian whisky’, comparing old world Irish whisky to new world Tasmanian whisky. And for those who prefer, there is always the spa to relax and unwind in.

6:30pm - late: A fine time for a whisky by the fire. Pre-dinner drinks hosted by Hugh, Simon and the distillers before moving in for the formal dinner around 7pm. The dinner menu has been designed especially for this evening by executive chef Hugh and head chef Simon. It will be a six-course menu with matching whisky and wine offerings.


7am - 10am : A la Carte Breakfast at guests' leisure.

about the distilleries


Redlands Distillery is one of only a few 'paddock to bottle' single malt whisky distilleries in the world (including Kilchoman in Scotland). We grow our own barley, draw our water from our 2km of Plenty River water frontage, steep and floor malt the barley and mash and distil in our circa 1857 granary building. A cooper prepares French oak barrels and our whisky is left to mature in peace in our Oast House. Redlands Distillery uses barrels sourced from local Tasmanian vineyards.

Because we control every step in the production process we are able to offer buyers of our single malt whisky access to our 'provenance tracker', a complete chronology of every bottle of Redlands Single Malt. This includes the date the barley was planted, harvested, steeped and malted; information on the mashing and distilling timeline; notes on the water, peat and yeast used in the process; barrel history; ageing details; and bottling dates.


Mackey’s Distillery is a small hold distillery located in one of Hobart’s oldest suburbs. Established in 2007, distiller Damian Mackey has long held an interest in making whisky. He has spent the past eight years patiently learning the craft, polishing his process, and producing his fine single malt, unpeated, port-cask aged, triple distilled whisky. Mackey Whisky is the latest instalment in Tasmania’s burgeoning whisky industry, and is the only Irish style whisky currently in production in the state.

Mackey Single Malt Tasmanian Whisky draws on the rich tradition of Irish whisky a nod to the heritage of its maker. Made with pure Tasmanian mountain water and 100% premium malted barley from the Midlands, it combines the special character of Tasmanian whisky with the silkiness that comes with triple distillation. Mackey Whisky offers a distinctive complexity which will appeal to the connoisseur, but is gentle and smooth enough for a novice to enjoy.
At the beginning of 2016 Mackey’s Distillery relocated to Shene Estate at Pontville. Here, Damian will continue to make triple distilled whisky as part of the new Shene Distillery.


Lark Distellery was established in 1992. Tasmania is ideally situated to make malt whisky, and yet 150 years after the last licensed Tasmanian distillery closed its doors, it took a whisky lover to realise the environment was perfect.
Bill Lark realised that everything you need for a world-class whisky was in Tasmania – rich fields of barley, an abundance of wonderfully pure soft water, highland peat bogs, and the perfect climate to bring all the ingredients together in a marriage of science, art and passion.

The vision of producing Tasmanian malt whisky was born on a trout fishing trip in the highlands of Tasmania. Bill’s father-in-law Max produced a wonderful bottle of single malt, and as they enjoyed a drink in the park at Bothwell, surrounded by Georgian buildings, barley fields and the gentle flowing of the Clyde River, Bill remarked to Max, “I wonder why there isn’t anyone making malt whisky in Tasmania."


The John Jameson and Son Irish Whiskey company was formally established in 1810 when John Jameson and his son (also John Jameson) took ownership of the Bow Street Distillery in Dublin which had originally been built by his wife's cousins the Steins in 1780. Jameson was a Scottish lawyer from Alloa in Clackmannanshire who had married Margaret Haig, a sister of the Haig brothers who owned the Haig distilleries. Margaret Haig was a first cousin of the Steins, a Scottish distilling family, also from Clackmannanshire, with significant distilling interests in Scotland and Dublin. On his marriage to Margaret Haig in 1786, John Jameson moved with his new wife to Dublin to manage the Steins' Bow Street Distillery (which had been established in 1780) for Margaret Stein's uncle. This explains the use of the year 1780 in Jameson marketing as the Bow Street Distillery was where Jameson Irish Whiskey was born.