"Wherever we were in this amazing building, we felt connected to the ever-changing views."

The Best Hotel in Australia - Saffire Freycinet Architecture




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Saffire Freycinet takes its inspiration from the colours of the peninsula – the pink granite of the Hazards mountains, the white beaches, sapphire waters and the grey-green of the native bushland.

The aim is to connect the Saffire Freycinet experience to the surrounding environment, seamlessly joining the outside with inside to create a relaxing and rejuvenating retreat.

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Saffire Freycinet brings the beauty and depth of nature through its architecture. Since opening, our luxury hotel in Australia won several design awards.


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Saffire Freycinet connects with its environment to generate an authentic, enriching, rejuvenating and uplifting experience.

Distinct in its design, exclusive in its features and set apart as a luxury lodge in Australia by its tailored, one-on-one experiences and services, Saffire Freycinet’s staff are dedicated to providing quality, memorable service; unforgettable experiences; indulgent and self-selected dining options; inspiring accommodation spaces and an overall sense of wellbeing and relaxation.

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Saffire Freycinet offers authentic and uplifting experience for hotel guests. Our luxury lodge in Australia is dedicated in providing the best holiday stay.


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Chhada Siembieda’s interior design for Saffire Freycinet is inspired by the natural environment. The purity of the pristine coastal landscape environment is reflected in a fresh, modern, relaxing and uncontrived design style.

Stone and timber reflect the landscape, with colours, hues and textures that create an almost seamless feel between the inside and outside.

The interiors harmonise with the area’s natural beauty, offering comfort and luxury while allowing guests to use the space freely and informally, as if relaxing in a coastal home.


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The interior design of Chhada Siembieda for Saffire Freycinet accommodation in Tasmania is inspired by natural environment reflecting a modern style resort.