"Everything seemed to have a local connection - a farm down the road, the vineyard over the hill, seafood pulled from the bay that afternoon"

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Saffire Boutique Hotel - Tasmania Restaurant and Dining

Saffire Freycinet is situated in an area of East Coast Tasmania that has an enviable reputation for premium aquaculture and agriculture.The very best of fine food and wine is produced right on Saffire’s doorstep. Freycinet’s Mediterranean-like climate contributes to the production of stunning cool-climate boutique wines that have won international acclaim.

Local fishing villages supply a daily parade of crayfish, scallops and deep-sea fish lifted dripping off the local boats, salty-sweet and fresh from the water.

Plump oysters and mussels are farmed in the pristine waters of Great Oyster Bay. The best of Tasmania’s succulent grass-fed beef and lamb, full-flavoured game meats, fresh herbs and spices and seasonal fruit and vegetables are chosen daily by our chefs to craft cuisine that accentuates the best of premium local produce.



Palate Restaurant

Dining at Saffire Freycinet Hotel in Coles Bay, Tasmania, Australia

“Every glass of wine came with a smile, a story and the wonderful feeling that each bottle was chosen especially for us.”

Saffire Freycinet’s Palate restaurant is Tasmania’s most exclusive restaurant venue.

We simply take the very best Tasmania has to offer, and provide tailor-made gourmet moments that enhance the genuine flavours of home-grown produce. No matter what your request or desire might be, Palate restaurant will tailor dining to your requirements.

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Palate Restaurant at Saffire Freycinet provides tailor-made gourmet moments that enhances the genuine flavours of home-grown produce.

The Lounge

Facilities at Saffire Freycinet Hotel in Coles Bay, Tasmania, Australia

“It was like they could read our minds. They seemed to offer us things we didn’t even know we needed.”

For those accustomed to luxury travel, our lounge is the perfect place to take a moment, grab a book from the library or meet for a drink. Designed to make you feel at home, the lounge is the heart of Saffire Freycinet’s hospitality.

Here, you can sink into our “classically cool” furniture from original 1950s designers and manufacturers. A nightcap over a board game by the five-metre fireplace would be the perfect way to wind down. And on balmier nights our courtyard is the ultimate place to catch a breathtaking Freycinet sunset.

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For those accustomed to luxury travel, the lounge is the heart of Saffire Freycinet’s hospitality and it is designed to make guests feel at home.

Culinary Master

Master Chef at Saffire Freycinet Hotel in Coles Bay, Tasmania, Australia

“When the chef proudly took us around his herb garden, it gave us a whole new meaning to local produce.”

Hugh Whitehouse, Executive Chef

Hugh arrived at Saffire Freycinet with literally a lifetime of experience with fresh, natural produce, having grown up on a farm in New South Wales.

After learning the intricacies of classic French cooking under some of Europe’s greatest chefs at the top-ranking Dolder Grand in Zurich and the Chewton Glen in England, Hugh returned to Sydney and put North Shore restaurants Milsons and Jaspers on the culinary map.

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At Saffire Freycinet, Hugh thrives on the abundance of fresh & local produce available for his menus to create an unforgettable culinary dining experience.