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Tasmanian Devil Experience

Tasmanian Devil Experience

While planning your visit to Freycinet, Tasmania there is one unforgettable experience that should not be missed – the Tasmanian devil encounter. Take the opportunity to witness the unique and fascinating behaviour of these iconic creatures. The best place to see Tasmanian devils is Tasmania – where they are native.

Participate in the quest to save this endangered species from extinction. As you are led by your knowledgeable guides, you’ll visit our free-range Tasmanian devil enclosure. Meet some of our resident population of Tasmanian devils and observe them as they feed and interact. You’ll hear the story of the Tasmanian devil and experience its characteristics.

Learn how we can contribute to the survival of this Tassie icon. The Tasmanian devil, a carnivorous marsupial native to Tasmania, is, unfortunately, facing the threat of extinction. Its population has been severely impacted by a contagious facial tumour disease, making conservation efforts crucial. By taking part in the Tasmanian Devil Experience, you can actively contribute to the survival of this incredible species.

At Saffire Freycinet, we include an exclusive Tasmanian devil experience as part of your stay. We have created a one-hectare, free-range devil enclosure to accommodate mature devils that have been part of the devil breeding program. This experience provides an up-close and personal encounter with these remarkable creatures in a natural, free-range enclosure.

You will be introduced to our resident population of Tassie devils. Witness their feeding habits, and observe their interactions. Our guide will share fascinating insights into the lives of these animals, and their behaviour. Learn more about the challenges they face in the wild amongst other Tasmanian wildlife.

You will also get a chance to learn about the conservation efforts being undertaken to protect this species. We are committed to ensuring the survival of the Tasmanian devil as part of The Save the Tasmanian Devil Program.

By choosing to stay at Saffire Freycinet you are also making a positive impact on the future of the Tasmanian devil. Our resort is dedicated to sustainable practices and environmental stewardship. You will have the opportunity to support and contribute to the continuing effort to save this iconic species.

After an exhilarating day seeing the Tassie devil, you can relax in the comfort of our world-class accommodations. Our suites are designed to provide the utmost luxury and serenity. Our suites offer breathtaking views of the surrounding landscapes and the pristine waters of Great Oyster Bay.

So why wait? Browse our suites and packages at Saffire Freycinet and embark on a journey that combines indulgence with conservation. Don’t miss the unique opportunity of the Tasmanian Devil Experience. Together, let’s ensure the survival of this Tassie icon and create memories that will last a lifetime.

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