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Waubs Harbour Distillery Tour

Waubs Harbour Distillery Tour

For any whisky enthusiasts exploring the East Coast of Tasmania, a visit to the Waubs Harbour Distillery is an absolute must. Waubs Harbour Distillery holds a fascinating history, once serving as an old oyster hatchery. It is now converted into a maritime Tasmanian single malt whisky distillery, renowned for its exceptional craftsmanship and ocean-inspired setting. The distillery sits on the edge of the ocean, creating a captivating backdrop for your whiskey adventure.

Waubs Harbour crafts exclusively maritime Tasmanian single-malt whiskey, making it a truly unique experience for whisky aficionados. There are hundreds of casks maturing in their salt-laden bond stores and a cooling system powered entirely by the ocean. You’ll witness the harmonious blend of nature and craftsmanship that defines Waubs Harbours’ whisky-making process.

The tour at Waubs Harbour Distillery is not just an educational experience, it’s a sensory delight. During your visit, you’ll have the pleasure of sampling a range of Waubs Harbour whiskies. This includes selections from their current range, showcasing the craftsmanship and attention to detail that defines their spirits.

Additionally, you’ll have the privilege of tasting whiskies from the founder’s personal collection, a truly special treat. These exceptional whiskies are best savoured in Waubs Harbour’s newly designed ocean-view tasting room. Here you can fully appreciate the stunning coastal scenery while indulging in the distinct flavours of Tasmanian whisky.

To complement your Waubs Harbour whisky tasting, Waubs Harbour Distillery presents a platter of fresh, local produce. This gastronomic experience adds another layer of pleasure to your visit, showcasing the rich culinary heritage of Tasmania.

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